A Ring in Brooklyn
(Noho Arts Center, North Hollywood)
July-Sept 2012
A "WOW!" from Stage Scene LA

"The marvelous Wagner's spunky Gina reveals her character's beneath-the-surface pain and frustrations... 'If I Were You' is quite a number, and quite unlike anything I've ever seen before." -
- Stage Scene LA
, Steven Stanley 8/10/12

"The once magical and memorable moments of high school and all it entails: first love, first kiss, unrequited crushes... are all portrayed impeccably by the dynamic cast of colorful characters: Gina (Gabrielle Wagner)..."
-, Bonnie Priever 8/10/12

LA Weekly says "GO!"

"...easy listening, and director Joshua Finkel's cast turn in solid performances."
- LA Weekly, Lovell Estell III 7/31/12

"The performers are on the whole rather winning... Wagner manages the character’s discontent well, never letting it sink into self-pity."
- Stage and Cinema, Samuel Bernstein 7/31/12

The Most Happy Fella
(Academy for New Musical Theater, North Hollywood)

"An enjoyable evening of Frank Loesser tonight, in the talented hands of Gabrielle Wagner Mann (who was born to play Rosabella)... and other talented folk under the musical direction of the insanely gifted Jake Anthony"
- Stage Scene LA, Steven Stanley 3/2/10

Children of the Night
(Beverly Hills Playhouse, Beverly Hills)
October 9th 2009 - November 8th 2009

"Martin's two comic-relief songs, one in each act, are real kicks in the pants. Ashley Cuellar, Melissa Bailey and Gabrielle Wagner sing about their aspirations -- and willingness to be bedded -- to get parts in Gilbert and Sullivan productions in "How Do I Get a Part With the D'oyly Carte?"; Brand, a consummate jolly fellow, and the ensemble run through a litany of theatrical superstitions in "The Scottish Play," a smartly crafted tune that belongs in any revue featuring actors performing for a crowd of insiders. "
- Variety , Phil Gallo 10/11/09

A "WOW!" from Stage Scene LA

"There’s the delightful “How Do I Get A Part With The D’Oyly Carte,” sung by a trio of “ladies of the evening” (Melissa Bailey, Ashley Cuellar, and Gabrielle Wagner) with show-biz stars in their eyes... Best of all is “The Scottish Play,” advice to a fledgling actress (Gabrielle Wagner) who makes the mistake of saying “Macbeth” inside a theater, featuring probably the longest list of theatrical superstitions ever in a single song. "

- Stage Scene LA , Steven Stanley 10/25/09
DIVORCE! the musical
(Hudson Theatre Guild , Los Angeles)
February 14th 2009 - June 28th 2009
5 OVATION AWARD NOMINATIONS: Best Acting Ensemble, Best Original Music/Lyrics*, Best Music Direction, Best Direction, Best Overall Production

3 LA WEEKLY AWARD NOMINATIONS: Best Direction of a Musical*, Best Musical Direction*, Musical of the Year

2 LADCC AWARD NOMINATIONS: Best Writing, Best Music

2 BACKSTAGE WEST GARLAND AWARDS: Best Playwrighting and Musical Score*, Best Musical Direction*

*indicates awards won

"Three terrific performers play the various characters in a divorcing couple's lives. Gabrielle Wagner and Leslie Stevens portray dueling lawyers...therapists, parents, friends."
"This production proves that in the right hands, even cauliflower can be turned into art... It also has joyful energy and surprising tenderness."
- Backstage West, Dany Margolies 2/25/09
"Director Rick Sparks and his uniformly amazing cast suffer no such slip-ups en route to a practically perfect staging"
"Solidly backed by Wagner, Stevens and Gregory Franklin, Taylor and Segall are simply terrific, brimming with a raw emotionalism that is heart-rending."
- LA Times, F. Kathleen Foley 2/20/09
LA WEEKLY gives it a "GO!"
"GO! Erin Kamler's witty and entertaining new musical satire... Director Rick Sparks gets clean, accomplished performances from his five-person ensemble "
- LA Weekly (Scroll to bottom of link) Steven Leigh Morris 2/16/09
"As the therapist, a divorce lawyer, and in numerous other roles, Gabrielle Wagner (a “fab” vocalist) is a sassy standout all around!"
"I foresee “off-Broadway” beckoning… "
"This is a great cast… capable of speedy transition character switches and seamless ensemble work."
“A rollicking crowd-pleaser!”
“A highly-entertaining…poignantly laughable look at divorce”
“A ton of fun! Do see it!”
-The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor 2/18/09

“The show is first-rate all the way"
“Director Rick Sparks has proven himself one of our top comedy directors… he does it again”
“Kamler’s lyrics are funny as all get-out and perceptive as well.”
"Sensational as the two leads are, it’s the so-called supporting players who get the standout roles here... Gabrielle Wagner is a hoot as both the couple’s therapist (her “But how do you feel?” will stay with you long after the show is over) and as smart, sophisticated, snobby lawyer Laureen Grub. ”
- Stage Scene LA, Steven Stanley 2/14/09

“Erin Kamler's lyrics are universally real, hitting home… it's a remarkably fun show”
“the music is very good, the cast is wonderful and it's all too true”
- Kate West Reviews, Kate West 2/14/09

“If you could have your divorce set to toe tapping music... you would have Divorce! The Musical. Every divorce should be this fun.”
- KCET, Ophelia Chong 2/14/09

“ The performances in DIVORCE!, THE MUSICAL are true tour de force...However, I was most impressed with the supporting cast - Gabrielle Wagner, Leslie Stevens, and Gregory Franklin, all showing tremendous character range and perfection in each incarnation.”
- GoldStar Events Review, 3/16/09

“...However, the ensemble cast of Wagner, Stevens and Franklin provide all the fun. Wagner and Stevens are appealing character actors... who know how to present a number and fill it with energy, excitement, and comic timing.”
- NowCasting, An independent review 3/11/09

“Lending smashing support are versatile performers Wagner, Leslie Stevens and Gregory Franklin, who create a gallery of rib-tickling supporting characters including eccentric parents, opportunistic lawyers, dates from hell and well-meaning friends."
- Frontiers Magazine, Les Spindle 3/6/09

“Gabrielle Wagner and Leslie Stevens as those greedy lawyers...are hysterical in their two numbers together: "Lawyer Letters" and the side-splitting "Best Friends."
-LA Daily Journal, Alan H. Friendenthal 3/6/09
(Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles)
August - November 2005
LA TIMES CRITIC'S CHOICE: Gabi received a 2006 GARLAND AWARD Critic's Honorable Mention her role in The Threepenny Opera

"Peachum's daughter, Polly (the beguiling Gabrielle Wagner)"
- Hollywood Reporter, Ed Kaufman 8/25/05

"Wagner's Polly is gorgeous, vocally and in other ways;"
- LA Weekly, Steven Leigh Morris 8/26/05

"Some vocal efforts are outstanding, including those from the magnificent Gabrielle Wagner as Polly Peachum, the saucy new bride to notorious gang leader Macheath (Dillon);"
- Backstage West, Les Spindle 8/25/05

"The actors bring an engaging charisma to their portraits… Equally gifted vocally is Gabrielle Wagner who makes daughter Polly a not-too-innocent love struck diva. Her Jealousy Duet with Christina Purcell (as Lucy) is wonderfully harmonized…"
-, Jose Ruiz 8/23/05

"Wagner, as Polly, is up to the task with the vocally challenging number "Polly's Song." True to the character, she has the ability to appear docile one second and brutish the next. Wagner matches up well with Dillon…"
-The Daily Breeze 8/25/05

“Of those three, Gabrielle Wagner’s Polly has the greatest arc and the most substantial change – from innocent to potential gang leader… Wagner is also the company’s steadiest singer, which, in this cast, is saying something.”
-, Evan Henerson, 8/26/05

“Wagner… she has a strong, clear voice and a solid delivery.”, Sharon Perlmutter, 8/25/05

“Wagner has a lovely voice.”
-Park LaBrea News Beverly Press, Dave Depino, 8/25/05
Falling Together/Coming Apart
(Rose Alley Theatre, Venice, CA)
October-November 2003
"The caliber of acting is high. The two most appealing sketches inevitably recall episodes of Twilight zone. In playwright Mark Harvey Levine's "Scripted," a young couple (Michael Cotter and Gabrielle Wagner) awaken one morning to find lying by their bed a screenplay, which mysteriously details everything they're going to say or do that day. The pair's panic as they see the mundane drivel of their day reduced to a few pages of script is hilarious, and director Jamie McMurray keeps the gags rolling at a crackling pace. Cotter and Wagner's interactions are nicely affectionate, as well."
- Backstage West, Paul Birchall, 11-19-03

"…not much to connect these short vignettes except a wish to showcase the work and the company - and there's nothing wrong with that when they do it so well."
"…a brave new troupe that proves, with this evening, they are completely capable of making one - a difference, that is."
- Entertainment Today, Travis Michael Holder, 11-28-03
Acts of Contrition
(Zoo Theatre, Los Angeles)
February 2002
"… Gabrielle Wagner does deliver a strong performance. Just take Lassiter, Matheny, and Wagner and put them in a show of their own..."
- 2/2002

"Wagner is also quite effective as the gal-without-a-man Wendy."
- Daily Variety 2/13/02
Prelude to a Kiss
(Oddstad Theater, Pacifica, CA)
August - September 1994
"Wagner's Rita is pleasing, sensual and delightful…"
"Adapting speech and body language, both actors sometimes tenuously, but admirably, stretch to portray the opposite sex. Their inevitable confrontation starts suspensefully, but ends as a beautifully staged, unexpectedly touching moment"
- Half Moon Bay Review, Stacy Trevenon, 8/94

"Gabrielle Wagner, who plays his lover and future bride with sexy élan."
- The Times, A. Meyer, 8/94
(Spring Lake Community Theater, NJ)
Christmas 1988
"On rare occasions, a member of the chorus leaps ahead of the rest and demands special attention. Gabrielle Wagner was such a player. This young girl, who portrayed an urchin, displayed such stage presence that my eyes were riveted on her whenever she was on stage. I'd love to see what this little trouper could do with a significant role. Hopefully, I'll get the chance."
- Asbury Park Press, Theresa L. Grasso, 1988